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Ezekiel 29:11 YLT

Ezek 29:11 YLT, Eze 29:11 YLT, Ezk 29:11 YLT, Ezekiel 29 11 YLT

Ezekiel 29:11 YLT

9  And the land of Egypt hath been for a desolation and a waste, And they have known that I 'am' Jehovah. Because he said: The flood 'is' mine, and I made 'it'.

10  Therefore, lo, I 'am' against thee, and against thy floods, And have given the land of Egypt for wastes, A waste, a desolation, from Migdol to Syene, And unto the border of Cush.

11  Not pass over into it doth a foot of man, Yea, the foot of beast doth not pass into it, Nor is it inhabited forty years.

12  And I have made the land of Egypt a desolation, In the midst of desolate lands, And its cities, in the midst of waste cities, Are a desolation forty years, And I have scattered the Egyptians among nations, And I have dispersed them through lands.

13  But thus said the Lord Jehovah: At the end of forty years I gather the Egyptians Out of the peoples whither they have been scattered,

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