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Ezekiel 19:9 YLT

Ezek 19:9 YLT, Eze 19:9 YLT, Ezk 19:9 YLT, Ezekiel 19 9 YLT

Ezekiel 19:9 YLT

7  And it knoweth his forsaken habitations, And their cities it hath laid waste, And desolate is the land and its fulness, Because of the voice of his roaring.

8  And set against it do nations Round about from the provinces. And they spread out for it their net, In their pit it hath been caught.

9  And they put it in prison -- in chains, And they bring it unto the king of Babylon, They bring it in unto bulwarks, So that its voice is not heard any more On mountains of Israel.

10  Thy mother 'is' as a vine in thy blood by waters planted, Fruitful and full of boughs it hath been, Because of many waters.

11  And it hath strong rods for sceptres of rulers, And high is its stature above thick branches, And it appeareth in its height In the multitude of its thin shoots.

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