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Ezekiel 19:12 YLT

Ezek 19:12 YLT, Eze 19:12 YLT, Ezk 19:12 YLT, Ezekiel 19 12 YLT

Ezekiel 19:12 YLT

10  Thy mother 'is' as a vine in thy blood by waters planted, Fruitful and full of boughs it hath been, Because of many waters.

11  And it hath strong rods for sceptres of rulers, And high is its stature above thick branches, And it appeareth in its height In the multitude of its thin shoots.

12  And it is plucked up in fury, To the earth it hath been cast, And the east wind hath dried up its fruit, Broken and withered hath been the rod of its strength, Fire hath consumed it.

13  And now -- it is planted in a wilderness, In a land dry and thirsty.

14  And go forth doth fire from a rod of its boughs, Its fruit it hath devoured, And it hath no rod of strength -- a sceptre to rule, Lamentation it 'is' -- and it is for a lamentation!'

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