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Ezekiel 14:10 YLT

Ezek 14:10 YLT, Eze 14:10 YLT, Ezk 14:10 YLT, Ezekiel 14 10 YLT

Ezekiel 14:10 YLT

8  and I have set My face against that man, and made him for a sign, and for similes, and I have cut him off from the midst of My people, and ye have known that I 'am' Jehovah.

9  'And the prophet, when he is enticed, and hath spoken a word -- I, Jehovah, I have enticed that prophet, and have stretched out My hand against him, and have destroyed him from the midst of My people Israel.

10  And they have borne their iniquity: as the iniquity of the inquirer, so is the iniquity of the prophet;

11  so that the house of Israel do not wander any more from after Me, nor are defiled any more with all their transgressions, and they have been to Me for a people, and I am to them for God -- an affirmation of the Lord Jehovah.'

12  And there is a word of Jehovah unto me, saying,

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