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Exodus 19:20 YLT

Exo 19:20 YLT, Ex 19:20 YLT, Exod 19:20 YLT, Exodus 19 20 YLT

Exodus 19:20 YLT

18  and mount Sinai 'is' wholly a smoke from the presence of Jehovah, who hath come down on it in fire, and its smoke goeth up as smoke of the furnace, and the whole mount trembleth exceedingly;

19  and the sound of the trumpet is going on, and very strong; Moses speaketh, and God doth answer him with a voice.

20  And Jehovah cometh down on mount Sinai, unto the top of the mount, and Jehovah calleth for Moses unto the top of the mount, and Moses goeth up.

21  And Jehovah saith unto Moses, 'Go down, protest to the people, lest they break through unto Jehovah to see, and many of them have fallen;

22  and also the priests who are coming nigh unto Jehovah do sanctify themselves, lest Jehovah break forth on them.'

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