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Esther 6:5 YLT

Esth 6:5 YLT, Es 6:5 YLT, Esther 6 5 YLT

Esther 6:5 YLT

3  And the king saith, 'What honour and greatness hath been done to Mordecai for this?' And the servants of the king, his ministers, say, 'Nothing hath been done with him.'

4  And the king saith, 'Who 'is' in the court?' -- and Haman hath come in to the outer court of the house of the king, to say to the king to hang Mordecai on the tree that he had prepared for him --

5  and the servants of the king say unto him, 'Lo, Haman is standing in the court;' and the king saith, 'Let him come in.'

6  And Haman cometh in, and the king saith to him, 'What -- to do with the man in whose honour the king hath delighted?' And Haman saith in his heart, 'To whom doth the king delight to do honour more than myself?'

7  And Haman saith unto the king, 'The man in whose honour the king hath delighted,

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