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Esther 5:13 YLT

Esth 5:13 YLT, Es 5:13 YLT, Esther 5 13 YLT

Esther 5:13 YLT

11  and Haman recounteth to them the glory of his wealth, and the abundance of his sons, and all that with which the king made him great, and with which he lifted him up above the heads and servants of the king.

12  And Haman saith, 'Yea, Esther the queen brought none in with the king, unto the feast that she made, except myself, and also for to-morrow I am called to her, with the king,

13  and all this is not profitable to me, during all the time that I am seeing Mordecai the Jew sitting in the gate of the king.'

14  And Zeresh his wife saith to him, and all his friends, 'Let them prepare a tree, in height fifty cubits, and in the morning speak to the king, and they hang Mordecai on it, and go thou in with the king unto the banquet rejoicing;' and the thing is good before Haman, and he prepareth the tree.

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