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Esther 2:1 YLT

Esth 2:1 YLT, Es 2:1 YLT, Esther 2 1 YLT

Esther 2:1 YLT

1  After these things, at the ceasing of the fury of the king Ahasuerus, he hath remembered Vashti, and that which she did, and that which hath been decreed concerning her;

2  and servants of the king, his ministers, say, 'Let them seek for the king young women, virgins, of good appearance,

3  and the king doth appoint inspectors in all provinces of his kingdom, and they gather every young woman -- virgin, of good appearance -- unto Shushan the palace, unto the house of the women, unto the hand of Hege eunuch of the king, keeper of the women, and to give their purifications,

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