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Esther 1:5 YLT

Esth 1:5 YLT, Es 1:5 YLT, Esther 1 5 YLT

Esther 1:5 YLT

3  in the third year of his reign, he hath made a banquet to all his heads and his servants; of the force of Persia and Media, the chiefs and heads of the provinces 'are' before him,

4  in his shewing the wealth of the honour of his kingdom, and the glory of the beauty of his greatness, many days -- eighty and a hundred days.

5  And at the fulness of these days hath the king made to all the people who are found in Shushan the palace, from great even unto small, a banquet, seven days, in the court of the garden of the house of the king --

6  white linen, white cotton, and blue, fastened with cords of fine linen and purple on rings of silver, and pillars of marble, couches of gold, and of silver, on a pavement of smaragdus, and white marble, and mother-of-pearl, and black marble --

7  and the giving of drink in vessels of gold, and the vessels 'are' divers vessels, and the royal wine 'is' abundant, as a memorial of the king.

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