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Esther 1:19 YLT

Esth 1:19 YLT, Es 1:19 YLT, Esther 1 19 YLT

Esther 1:19 YLT

17  for go forth doth the word of the queen unto all the women, to render their husbands contemptible in their eyes, in their saying, The king Ahasuerus said to bring in Vashti the queen before him, and she did not come;

18  yea, this day do princesses of Persia and Media, who have heard the word of the queen, say 'so' to all heads of the king, even according to the sufficiency of contempt and wrath.

19  'If to the king 'it be' good, there goeth forth a royal word from before him, and it is written with the laws of Persia and Media, and doth not pass away, that Vashti doth not come in before the king Ahasuerus, and her royalty doth the king give to her companion who 'is' better than she;

20  and the sentence of the king that he maketh hath been heard in all his kingdom -- for it 'is' great -- and all the wives give honour to their husbands, from great even unto small.'

21  And the thing is good in the eyes of the king, and of the princes, and the king doth according to the word of Memucan,

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