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Ecclesiastes 6:8 YLT

Eccles 6:8 YLT, Ec 6:8 YLT, Qoh 6:8 YLT, Qoheleth 6:8 YLT, Ecclesiastes 6 8 YLT

Ecclesiastes 6:8 YLT

6  And though he had lived a thousand years twice over, yet good he hath not seen; to the same place doth not every one go?

7  All the labour of man 'is' for his mouth, and yet the soul is not filled.

8  For what advantage 'is' to the wise above the fool? What to the poor who knoweth to walk before the living?

9  Better 'is' the sight of the eyes than the going of the soul. This also 'is' vanity and vexation of spirit.

10  What 'is' that which hath been? already is its name called, and it is known that it 'is' man, and he is not able to contend with him who is stronger than he.

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