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Ecclesiastes 6:12 YLT

Eccles 6:12 YLT, Ec 6:12 YLT, Qoh 6:12 YLT, Qoheleth 6:12 YLT, Ecclesiastes 6 12 YLT

Ecclesiastes 6:12 YLT

10  What 'is' that which hath been? already is its name called, and it is known that it 'is' man, and he is not able to contend with him who is stronger than he.

11  For there are many things multiplying vanity; what advantage 'is' to man?

12  For who knoweth what 'is' good for a man in life, the number of the days of the life of his vanity, and he maketh them as a shadow? for who declareth to man what is after him under the sun?

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