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Ecclesiastes 4:10 YLT

Eccles 4:10 YLT, Ec 4:10 YLT, Qoh 4:10 YLT, Qoheleth 4:10 YLT, Ecclesiastes 4 10 YLT

Ecclesiastes 4:10 YLT

8  There is one, and there is not a second; even son or brother he hath not, and there is no end to all his labour! His eye also is not satisfied with riches, and 'he saith not', 'For whom am I labouring and bereaving my soul of good?' This also is vanity, it is a sad travail.

9  The two 'are' better than the one, in that they have a good reward by their labour.

10  For if they fall, the one raiseth up his companion, but wo to the one who falleth and there is not a second to raise him up!

11  Also, if two lie down, then they have heat, but how hath one heat?

12  And if the one strengthen himself, the two stand against him; and the threefold cord is not hastily broken.

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