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Ecclesiastes 12:3 YLT

Eccles 12:3 YLT, Ec 12:3 YLT, Qoh 12:3 YLT, Qoheleth 12:3 YLT, Ecclesiastes 12 3 YLT

Ecclesiastes 12:3 YLT

1  Remember also thy Creators in days of thy youth, While that the evil days come not, Nor the years have arrived, that thou sayest, 'I have no pleasure in them.'

2  While that the sun is not darkened, and the light, And the moon, and the stars, And the thick clouds returned after the rain.

3  In the day that keepers of the house tremble, And men of strength have bowed themselves, And grinders have ceased, because they have become few. And those looking out at the windows have become dim,

4  And doors have been shut in the street. When the noise of the grinding is low, And 'one' riseth at the voice of the bird, And all daughters of song are bowed down.

5  Also of that which is high they are afraid, And of the low places in the way, And the almond-tree is despised, And the grasshopper is become a burden, And want is increased, For man is going unto his home age-during, And the mourners have gone round through the street.

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