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Ecclesiastes 12:11 YLT

Eccles 12:11 YLT, Ec 12:11 YLT, Qoh 12:11 YLT, Qoheleth 12:11 YLT, Ecclesiastes 12 11 YLT

Ecclesiastes 12:11 YLT

9  And further, because the preacher was wise, he still taught the people knowledge, and gave ear, and sought out -- he made right many similes.

10  The preacher sought to find out pleasing words, and, written 'by' the upright, words of truth.

11  Words of the wise 'are' as goads, and as fences planted 'by' the masters of collections, they have been given by one shepherd.

12  And further, from these, my son, be warned; the making of many books hath no end, and much study 'is' a weariness of the flesh.

13  The end of the whole matter let us hear: -- 'Fear God, and keep His commands, for this 'is' the whole of man.

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