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Ecclesiastes 10:10 YLT

Eccles 10:10 YLT, Ec 10:10 YLT, Qoh 10:10 YLT, Qoheleth 10:10 YLT, Ecclesiastes 10 10 YLT

Ecclesiastes 10:10 YLT

8  Whoso is digging a pit falleth into it, And whoso is breaking a hedge, a serpent biteth him.

9  Whoso is removing stones is grieved by them, Whoso is cleaving trees endangered by them.

10  If the iron hath been blunt, And he the face hath not sharpened, Then doth he increase strength, And wisdom 'is' advantageous to make right.

11  If the serpent biteth without enchantment, Then there is no advantage to a master of the tongue.

12  Words of the mouth of the wise 'are' gracious, And the lips of a fool swallow him up.

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