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Daniel 10:16 YLT

Dan 10:16 YLT, Da 10:16 YLT, Dn 10:16 YLT, Daniel 10 16 YLT

Daniel 10:16 YLT

14  and I have come to cause thee to understand that which doth happen to thy people in the latter end of the days, for yet the vision 'is' after days.

15  'And when he speaketh with me about these things, I have set my face toward the earth, and have been silent;

16  and lo, as the manner of the sons of men, he is striking against my lips, and I open my mouth, and I speak, and say unto him who is standing over-against me: My lord, by the appearance turned have been my pangs against me, and I have retained no power.

17  And how is the servant of this my lord able to speak with this my lord? as for me, henceforth there remaineth in me no power, yea, breath hath not been left in me.

18  'And he addeth, and striketh against me, as the appearance of a man, and strengtheneth me,

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