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Acts 5:15 YLT

Ac 5:15 YLT, Acts 5 15 YLT

Acts 5:15 YLT

13  and of the rest no one was daring to join himself to them, but the people were magnifying them,

14  (and the more were believers added to the Lord, multitudes both of men and women,)

15  so as into the broad places to bring forth the ailing, and to lay 'them' upon couches and mats, that at the coming of Peter, even 'his' shadow might overshadow some one of them;

16  and there were coming together also the people of the cities round about to Jerusalem, bearing ailing persons, and those harassed by unclean spirits -- who were all healed.

17  And having risen, the chief priest, and all those with him -- being the sect of the Sadducees -- were filled with zeal,

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