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2 Kings 20:9 YLT

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2 Kings 20:9 YLT

7  And Isaiah saith, 'Take ye a cake of figs;' and they take and lay 'it' on the boil, and he reviveth.

8  And Hezekiah saith unto Isaiah, 'What 'is' the sign that Jehovah doth give healing to me, that I have gone up on the third day to the house of Jehovah?'

9  And Isaiah saith, 'This 'is' to thee the sign from Jehovah, that Jehovah doth the thing that He hath spoken -- The shadow hath gone on ten degrees, or it doth turn back ten degrees?'

10  And Hezekiah saith, 'It hath been light for the shadow to incline ten degrees: nay, but let the shadow turn backward ten degrees.'

11  And Isaiah the prophet calleth unto Jehovah, and He bringeth back the shadow by the degrees that it had gone down in the degrees of Ahaz -- backward ten degrees.

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