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2 Kings 11:8 YLT

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2 Kings 11:8 YLT

6  and the third 'is' at the gate of Sur, and the third at the gate behind the runners, and ye have kept the charge of the house pulled down;

7  and two parts of you, all going out on the sabbath -- they have kept the charge of the house of Jehovah about the king,

8  and ye have compassed the king round about, each with his weapons in his hand, and he who is coming unto the ranges is put to death; and be ye with the king in his going out and in his coming in.'

9  And the heads of the hundreds do according to all that Jehoiada the priest commanded, and take each his men going in on the sabbath, with those going out on the sabbath, and come in unto Jehoiada the priest,

10  and the priest giveth to the heads of the hundreds the spears and the shields that king David had, that 'are' in the house of Jehovah.

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