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2 Kings 11:13 YLT

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2 Kings 11:13 YLT

11  And the runners stand, each with his weapons in his hand, from the right shoulder of the house unto the left shoulder of the house, by the altar and by the house, by the king round about;

12  and he bringeth out the son of the king, and putteth on him the crown, and the testimony, and they make him king, and anoint him, and smite the hand, and say, 'Let the king live.'

13  And Athaliah heareth the voice of the runners 'and' of the people, and she cometh in unto the people, to the house of Jehovah,

14  and looketh, and lo, the king is standing by the pillar, according to the ordinance, and the heads, and the trumpets, 'are' by the king, and all the people of the land are rejoicing, and blowing with trumpets, and Athaliah rendeth her garments, and calleth, 'Conspiracy! conspiracy!'

15  And Jehoiada the priest commandeth the heads of the hundreds, inspectors of the force, and saith unto them, 'Bring her out unto the outside of the ranges, and him who is going after her, put to death by the sword:' for the priest had said, 'Let her not be put to death in the house of Jehovah.'

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