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2 Chronicles 13:19 YLT

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2 Chronicles 13:19 YLT

17  and Abijah and his people smite among them a great smiting, and there fall wounded of Israel five hundred thousand chosen men.

18  And the sons of Israel are humbled at that time, and the sons of Judah are strong, for they have leant on Jehovah, God of their fathers.

19  And Abijah pursueth after Jeroboam, and captureth from him cities, Beth-El and its small towns, and Jeshanah and its small towns, and Ephraim and its small towns.

20  And Jeroboam hath not retained power any more in the days of Abijah, and Jehovah smiteth him, and he dieth.

21  And Abijah strengtheneth himself, and taketh to him fourteen wives, and begetteth twenty and two sons, and sixteen daughters,

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