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1 Kings 19:5 YLT

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1 Kings 19:5 YLT

3  And he feareth, and riseth, and goeth for his life, and cometh in to Beer-Sheba, that 'is' Judah's, and leaveth his young man there,

4  and he himself hath gone into the wilderness a day's Journey, and cometh and sitteth under a certain retem-tree, and desireth his soul to die, and saith, 'Enough, now, O Jehovah, take my soul, for I 'am' not better than my fathers.'

5  And he lieth down and sleepeth under a certain retem-tree, and lo, a messenger cometh against him, and saith to him, 'Rise, eat;'

6  and he looketh attentively, and lo, at his bolster a cake 'baken on' burning stones, and a dish of water, and he eateth, and drinketh, and turneth, and lieth down.

7  And the messenger of Jehovah turneth back a second time, and cometh against him, and saith, 'Rise, eat, for the way is too great for thee;'

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