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Psalms 147:13 WEB

Pslm 147:13 WEB, Ps 147:13 WEB, Psa 147:13 WEB, Psm 147:13 WEB, Pss 147:13 WEB, Psalms 147 13 WEB, Psalm 147 13 WEB

Psalms 147:13 WEB

11  Yahweh takes pleasure in those who fear him, In those who hope in his loving kindness.

12  Praise Yahweh, Jerusalem! Praise your God, Zion!

13  For he has strengthened the bars of your gates. He has blessed your children within you.

14  He makes peace in your borders. He fills you with the finest of the wheat.

15  He sends out his commandment to the earth. His word runs very swiftly.

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