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Lamentations 4:14 WEB

Lam 4:14 WEB, La 4:14 WEB, Lamentations 4 14 WEB

Lamentations 4:14 WEB

12  The kings of the earth didn't believe, neither all the inhabitants of the world, That the adversary and the enemy would enter into the gates of Jerusalem.

13  [It is] because of the sins of her prophets, [and] the iniquities of her priests, That have shed the blood of the just in the midst of her.

14  They wander as blind men in the streets, they are polluted with blood, So that men can't touch their garments.

15  Depart you, they cried to them, Unclean! depart, depart, don't touch! When they fled away and wandered, men said among the nations, They shall no more sojourn [here].

16  The anger of Yahweh has scattered them; he will no more regard them: They didn't respect the persons of the priests, they didn't favor the elders.

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