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Jeremiah 16:10 WEB

Jer 16:10 WEB, Je 16:10 WEB, Jr 16:10 WEB, Jeremiah 16 10 WEB

Jeremiah 16:10 WEB

8  You shall not go into the house of feasting to sit with them, to eat and to drink.

9  For thus says Yahweh of Hosts, the God of Israel: Behold, I will cause to cease out of this place, before your eyes and in your days, the voice of mirth and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride.

10  It shall happen, when you shall show this people all these words, and they shall tell you, Why has Yahweh pronounced all this great evil against us? or what is our iniquity? or what is our sin that we have committed against Yahweh our God?

11  Then shall you tell them, Because your fathers have forsaken me, says Yahweh, and have walked after other gods, and have served them, and have worshiped them, and have forsaken me, and have not kept my law;

12  and you have done evil more than your fathers; for, behold, you walk every one after the stubbornness of his evil heart, so that you don't listen to me:

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