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Genesis 42:20 WEB

Gen 42:20 WEB, Ge 42:20 WEB, Gn 42:20 WEB, Genesis 42 20 WEB

Genesis 42:20 WEB

18  Joseph said to them the third day, 'Do this, and live, for I fear God.

19  If you are honest men, then let one of your brothers be bound in your prison-house; but you go, carry grain for the famine of your houses.

20  Bring your youngest brother to me; so will your words be verified, and you won't die.' They did so.

21  They said one to another, 'We are most assuredly guilty concerning our brother, in that we saw the distress of his soul, when he begged us, and we wouldn't listen. Therefore this distress has come on us.'

22  Reuben answered them, saying, 'Didn't I tell you, saying, 'Don't sin against the child,' and you wouldn't listen? Therefore also, behold, his blood is required.'

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