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Genesis 16:10 WEB

Gen 16:10 WEB, Ge 16:10 WEB, Gn 16:10 WEB, Genesis 16 10 WEB

Genesis 16:10 WEB

8  He said, 'Hagar, Sarai's handmaid, where did you come from? Where are you going?' She said, 'I am fleeing from the face of my mistress Sarai.'

9  The angel of Yahweh said to her, 'Return to your mistress, and submit yourself under her hands.'

10  The angel of Yahweh said to her, 'I will greatly multiply your seed, that they will not be numbered for multitude.'

11  The angel of Yahweh said to her, 'Behold, you are with child, and will bear a son. You shall call his name Ishmael, because Yahweh has heard your affliction.

12  He will be like a wild donkey among men. His hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him. He will live opposite all of his brothers.'

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