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Ezra 8:4 WEB

Ezr 8:4 WEB, Ezra 8 4 WEB

Ezra 8:4 WEB

2  Of the sons of Phinehas, Gershom. Of the sons of Ithamar, Daniel. Of the sons of David, Hattush.

3  Of the sons of Shecaniah, of the sons of Parosh, Zechariah; and with him were reckoned by genealogy of the males one hundred fifty.

4  Of the sons of Pahath-moab, Eliehoenai the son of Zerahiah; and with him two hundred males.

5  Of the sons of Shecaniah, the son of Jahaziel; and with him three hundred males.

6  Of the sons of Adin, Ebed the son of Jonathan; and with him fifty males.

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