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Exodus 27:18 WEB

Exo 27:18 WEB, Ex 27:18 WEB, Exod 27:18 WEB, Exodus 27 18 WEB

Exodus 27:18 WEB

16  For the gate of the court shall be a screen of twenty cubits, of blue, and purple, and scarlet, and fine twined linen, the work of the embroiderer; their pillars four, and their sockets four.

17  All the pillars of the court round about shall be filleted with silver; their hooks of silver, and their sockets of brass.

18  The length of the court shall be one hundred cubits, and the breadth fifty every where, and the height five cubits, of fine twined linen, and their sockets of brass.

19  All the instruments of the tent in all its service, and all the pins of it, and all the pins of the court, shall be of brass.

20  'You shall command the children of Israel, that they bring to you pure olive oil beaten for the light, to cause a lamp to burn continually.

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