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2 Chronicles - WEB

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The Book of 2 Chronicles - WEB

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The Book of 2 Chronicles WEB summary

Purpose of The Book of 2 Chronicles:
An account of history (from Adam to exile) written to direct the restoration of the kingdom during the post-exilic period. The Chronicler (we don't know his name) wrote this history of Israel to direct God’s people to take full advantage of the second chance God had given them and create for themselves a future of celebration and fulfillment.

Major Characters of The Book of 2 Chronicles:
God, David, Solomon, and Kings of Judah.

Summary of The Book of 2 Chronicles:
Chronicles begins with a profound introduction of genealogies. These genealogies place the post-exilic Israelites in line with God’s people from the beginning. They also contain names from all twelve tribes of Israel demonstrating that any future success will be dependent upon Israel’s willingness to include those different from themselves as well as a deliberate effort live in harmony. The genealogies are followed by selected episodes of David’s life. Most of the negative portraits of David recorded earlier in Kings is omitted, casting David in a positive light and an example for the post-exilic audience.

Similarly, the Chronicler writes extensively of Solomon and his success, hoping that his readers follow suit. The final portion of the book is an abbreviated history of the kings of Judah. This final section offers both positive and negative models for post-exilic Israel. The Chronicler anticipates many struggles common to people struggling with their faith. In short, Chronicles was written to help God’s people experience the kind of future that God intends, fully realizing the love and power of God.

Author and Dates of The Book of 2 Chronicles:
Chronicles was written by an unknown author after the Cyrus Edict (538 B.C.) freed the Israelites from slavery in Babylon and enabled them to return to their homeland.

Outline of The Book of 2 Chronicles:

  1. The Collection of God’s People: Genealogies of God’s people (1 Chronicles 1-9).
  2. David as a Model: United Kingdom (1 Chronicles 10-2 Chronicles 9).
  3. Solomon as a Model: Divided Kingdom (2 Chronicles 10-28).
  4. Mixed Examples of other Kings: Reunited Kingdom (2 Chronicles 29-36).

Themes of The Book of 2 Chronicles:
The Future.
Personal Responsibility.
God’s Justice and Forgiveness.
Unity of God’s People.
Second Chances.

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