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Micah - WBT


The Book of Micah - WBT

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The Book of Micah WBT summary

Purpose of The Book of Micah:
Micah preaches against substituting empty religious practices in place of real, vibrant spiritual life.

Summary of The Book of Micah:
The book of Micah alternates between oracles of doom on Judah and Israel for their idolatry and social injustices and of future hope because of God’s covenant mercies. Having witnessed God's judgment upon the Northern Kingdom, Micah warns Judah that she is in danger of the same catastrophic demise unless her people seek the God of their forefathers in a real and meaningful way. If they do, God will surely protect them from such an end, but even if they refuse God will continue to seek them and restore them after they are judged for their sins.

Author and Dates of The Book of Micah:
Micah's ministry began during the fall of Northern Israel at the hands of Assyria, around 722 BC, and continued through Hezekiah's reign in the Southern Kingdom, until about 700 BC.

Outline of The Book of Micah:

  1. Words of Judgment for Israel (ch. 1 - 3).
  2. Words of Hope for Israel (ch. 4 - 5).
  3. More Words of Judgment for Israel (ch. 6:1 - 7:7).
  4. More Words of Hope for Israel (ch. 7:8 - 20).

Themes of The Book of Micah:
Judgment: God has given us many examples of people who refused to repent of their wicked ways and brought God's wrath upon them. Micah uses one such event to teach and warn his people about the very real possibility of it occurring to them.
Hope: God continues unwavering in His commitment to His people even when they rebel.
Experience: Micah calls on Israel to be observant to what God is doing around them, to learn from it and apply it to their own lives.
Religion vs. Faith: Micah teaches us that our faith is not mere ritual or outward conformity to certain rules, but is an inward disposition toward God.

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