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Esther 2:23 WBT

Esth 2:23 WBT, Es 2:23 WBT, Esther 2 23 WBT

Esther 2:23 WBT

21  In those days, while Mordecai sat in the king's gate, two of the king's chamberlains, Bigthan and Teresh, of those who kept the door, were wroth, and sought to lay hand on the king Ahasuerus.

22  And the thing was known to Mordecai, who told [it] to Esther the queen; and Esther certified the king [of it] in Mordecai's name.

23  And when inquisition was made of the matter, it was discovered; therefore they were both hanged on a tree: and it was written in the book of the chronicles before the king.

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