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Listen to 2 Kings 8

Listen to 2 Kgs 8, 2 Ki 8, 2K 8, II Kgs 8, 2Kgs 8, II Ki 8, 2Ki 8, II Kings 8, 2Kings 8, 2nd Kgs 8, 2nd Kings 8, Second Kings 8, Second Kgs 8, 2Kin 8

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of the Book of 2 Kings, KJV

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Below you will find few chosen verses from the above audiobook of the Book of 2 Kings Chapter 8 of King James Version of Holy Bible. If you would like to read this whole Chapter, or any others, please click the button below the verses.

17 Thirty and two years old was he when he began to reign; and he reigned eight years in Jerusalem.
18 And he walked in the way of the kings of Israel, as did the house of Ahab: for the daughter of Ahab was his wife: and he did evil in the sight of the LORD.
19 Yet the LORD would not destroy Judah for David his servant's sake, as he promised him to give him alway a light, and to his children.

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