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Listen to 2 Kings 25

Listen to 2 Kgs 25, 2 Ki 25, 2K 25, II Kgs 25, 2Kgs 25, II Ki 25, 2Ki 25, II Kings 25, 2Kings 25, 2nd Kgs 25, 2nd Kings 25, Second Kings 25, Second Kgs 25, 2Kin 25

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Below you will find few chosen verses from the above audiobook of the Book of 2 Kings Chapter 25 of King James Version of Holy Bible. If you would like to read this whole Chapter, or any others, please click the button below the verses.

8 And in the fifth month, on the seventh day of the month, which is the nineteenth year of king Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, came Nebuzaradan, captain of the guard, a servant of the king of Babylon, unto Jerusalem:
9 And he burnt the house of the LORD, and the king's house, and all the houses of Jerusalem, and every great man's house burnt he with fire.
10 And all the army of the Chaldees, that were with the captain of the guard, brake down the walls of Jerusalem round about.

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