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Listen to 1 Samuel 14

Listen to 1 Sam 14, 1 Sa 14, 1Samuel 14, 1S 14, I Sa 14, 1 Sm 14, 1Sa 14, I Sam 14, 1Sam 14, I Samuel 14, 1st Samuel 14, First Samuel 14

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of the Book of 1 Samuel, KJV

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Below you will find few chosen verses from the above audiobook of the Book of 1 Samuel Chapter 14 of King James Version of Holy Bible. If you would like to read this whole Chapter, or any others, please click the button below the verses.

28 Then answered one of the people, and said, Thy father straitly charged the people with an oath, saying, Cursed be the man that eateth any food this day. And the people were faint.
29 Then said Jonathan, My father hath troubled the land: see, I pray you, how mine eyes have been enlightened, because I tasted a little of this honey.
30 How much more, if haply the people had eaten freely to day of the spoil of their enemies which they found? for had there not been now a much greater slaughter among the Philistines?

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