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1 Jn, I Jn, 1Jn, I Jo, 1Jo, I Joh, 1Joh, I Jhn, 1 Jhn, 1Jhn, I John, 1John, 1st John, First John

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This epistle is a discourse upon the principles of Christianity, in doctrine and practice. The design appears to be to refute and guard against erroneous and unholy tenets, principles, and practices, especially such as would lower the Godhead of Christ, and the reality and power of his sufferings and death, as an atoning sacrifice; and against the assertion that believers being saved by grace, are not required to obey the commandments. While the Gospel of John was written to prove that Jesus was God, 1 John was written to prove Jesus was a real human too. John was also encouraging his readers in the truth and life of Christ. John had two main purposes in mind: 1) to expose false teachers and 2) to give believers assurance of their salvation. In keeping with his purpose to combat the Gnostic false teachers (who taught that the spirit is entirely good and flesh or matter is entirely evil), John struck at their lack of morality. By giving his eyewitness testimony to the incarnation, he wanted to confirm his readers’ belief in the incarnate Christ.

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