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1 Timothy

1 Tim, 1 Ti, I Ti, 1Ti, I Tim, 1Tim, I Timothy, 1Timothy, 1st Timothy, First Timothy

The Book of 1 Timothy

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The Book of 1 Timothy summary

Purpose of The Book of 1 Timothy:
Written to legitimate young Timothy’s leadership and to direct the young church. Paul wrote this letter to his trusted but inexperienced friend and co-worker Timothy because he was afraid he wouldn't be able to return to Ephesus in time to help Timothy deal with the doctrinal and organizational issues that were cropping up at the time.

Summary of The Book of 1 Timothy:
Paul wrote this letter as a manual for the young pastor Timothy. Paul emphasizes the importance of sound doctrine that leads to godly living and warns him of the inherent dangers of church life in a fallen world, especially false teachers and false doctrine. Thus the church and its leadership should prepare themselves for the work of the ministry by choosing competent leaders and avoid deceitful ones.

Author and Dates of The Book of 1 Timothy:
Sometime soon after Paul left Ephesus for Macedonia, in the early 60s AD. Timothy was in Ephesus when he received this letter. For information on that city, see the summary sheet on the book of Ephesians. It seems that they were having problems with false teachings about the role of law in the Christian life, and a lack of leadership to deal with the problems.

Outline of The Book of 1 Timothy:

  1. Confronting False Teachers of the Law (1Tim 1).
  2. Prayer for Leaders (1Tim 2:1-7).
  3. Proper Conduct for Christian Leaders (1Tim 2:8-3:16).
  4. Exhortation to Confront False Teachers (1Tim 4).
  5. Dealing with Different Kinds of People (1Tim 5:1-6:2).
  6. Final Warnings (1 Tim 6:3-21).

Themes of The Book of 1 Timothy:
The Gospel: Paul refers to it as a precious object placed in Timothy's trust, and commissions him as its guardian and pupil at the same time.
Leadership: At this stage in the Church's history there were still many organizational questions to be answered, and Paul offers his advice as a guide for Timothy's own "leadership development program."
False Teachings: Paul is very descriptive when referring to the damage false teachings can do to the spiritual well-being of a Christian, or a church. He also gives practical guidance as to the best way to address and eliminate it.

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