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Romans 12:10 DBY

Rom 12:10 DBY, Ro 12:10 DBY, Rm 12:10 DBY, Romans 12 10 DBY

Romans 12:10 DBY

8  or he that exhorts, in exhortation; he that gives, in simplicity; he that leads, with diligence; he that shews mercy, with cheerfulness.

9  Let love be unfeigned; abhorring evil; cleaving to good:

10  as to brotherly love, kindly affectioned towards one another: as to honour, each taking the lead in paying it to the other:

11  as to diligent zealousness, not slothful; in spirit fervent; serving the Lord.

12  As regards hope, rejoicing: as regards tribulation, enduring: as regards prayer, persevering:

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