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Nahum - DBY

Nah, Na

The Book of Nahum - DBY

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The Book of Nahum DBY summary

Purpose of The Book of Nahum:
Judah should acknowledge God’s destruction of Nineveh and blessing for Judah. To display God's unwillingness to see His people mistreated and oppressed.

Summary of The Book of Nahum:
Nahum is the book that Jonah wished he could write. God's use of Assyria as a punishment for Israel's sin was over, as was his patience with Assyria's own evils. Nahum envisions God as a mighty warrior coming to conquer the enemies of His people and protect them from any other would-be oppressor.

Author and Dates of The Book of Nahum:
Nahum wrote of the decline of Assyria sometime between 660-620 B.C., just before their fall at the hands of the Babylonians.

Outline of The Book of Nahum:

  1. Opening Hymn: God to punish Nineveh (ch. 1:1 - 1:8).
  2. The Divine Warrior (ch. 1:9 - 1:15).
  3. Oracles and Taunts against Nineveh and Judah is blessed (ch. 2:1 - 3:17).
  4. Woe to Nineveh: Concluding Dirge (ch. 3:18 - 3:19).

Themes of The Book of Nahum:
Divine Warrior: Nahum draws on very common Old Testament imagery of God as a great warriorking coming to the rescue of His helpless, lamenting citizens. Those who have set themselves against God's people will not escape the destruction at His hands. Nahum emphasizes God’s sovereignty over all the nations.

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