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Job 16:10 DBY

Jb 16:10 DBY, Job 16 10 DBY

Job 16:10 DBY

8  Thou hast shrivelled me up! it is become a witness; and my leanness riseth up against me, it beareth witness to my face.

9  His anger teareth and pursueth me; he gnasheth with his teeth against me; [as] mine adversary he sharpeneth his eyes at me.

10  They gape upon me with their mouth; they smite my cheeks reproachfully; they range themselves together against me.

11  ùGod hath delivered me over to the iniquitous man, and hurled me into the hands of the wicked.

12  I was at rest, but he hath shattered me; he hath taken me by the neck and shaken me to pieces, and set me up for his mark.

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