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Jeremiah 39:18 DBY

Jer 39:18 DBY, Je 39:18 DBY, Jr 39:18 DBY, Jeremiah 39 18 DBY

Jeremiah 39:18 DBY

16  Go and speak to Ebed-melech the Ethiopian, saying, Thus saith Jehovah of hosts, the God of Israel: Behold, I will bring my words upon this city for evil, and not for good, and they shall come to pass before thy face in that day.

17  And I will deliver thee in that day, saith Jehovah; and thou shalt not be given into the hand of the men of whom thou art afraid;

18  for I will certainly save thee, and thou shalt not fall by the sword, but thou shalt have thy life for a prey; for thou hast put thy confidence in me, saith Jehovah.

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