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Jeremiah 12:7 DBY

Jer 12:7 DBY, Je 12:7 DBY, Jr 12:7 DBY, Jeremiah 12 7 DBY

Jeremiah 12:7 DBY

5  If thou hast run with footmen, and they have wearied thee, how wilt thou then contend with horses? And if in a land of peace thou thinkest thyself in security, how wilt thou then do in the swelling of the Jordan?

6  For even thy brethren, and the house of thy father, even they have dealt treacherously with thee, even they have cried aloud after thee. Believe them not, though they speak good [words] unto thee.

7  I have forsaken my house, I have cast off my heritage, I have given the beloved of my soul into the hand of her enemies.

8  My heritage is become unto me as a lion in the forest; it hath raised its voice against me: therefore have I hated it.

9  My heritage is unto me [as] a speckled bird of prey; the birds of prey round about are against her. Go, assemble all the beasts of the field, bring them to devour.

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