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Genesis 7:20 DBY

Gen 7:20 DBY, Ge 7:20 DBY, Gn 7:20 DBY, Genesis 7 20 DBY

Genesis 7:20 DBY

18  And the waters prevailed and increased greatly on the earth; and the ark went on the face of the waters.

19  And the waters prevailed exceedingly on the earth; and all the high mountains that are under all the heavens were covered.

20  Fifteen cubits upward the waters prevailed; and the mountains were covered.

21  And all flesh that moved on the earth expired, fowl as well as cattle, and beasts, and all crawling things which crawl on the earth, and all mankind:

22  everything which had in its nostrils the breath of life, of all that was on the dry [land], died.

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