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Deuteronomy 18:7 DBY

Deut 18:7 DBY, Dt 18:7 DBY, Deuteronomy 18 7 DBY

Deuteronomy 18:7 DBY

5  for Jehovah thy God hath chosen him out of all thy tribes, that he may stand to serve in the name of Jehovah, he and his sons continually.

6  And if the Levite shall come from one of thy gates out of all Israel, where he sojourneth, and shall come according to all the desire of his soul unto the place which Jehovah will choose,

7  and shall serve in the name of Jehovah his God, as all his brethren the Levites that stand there before Jehovah,

8  -- they shall have like portions to eat, besides that which he hath sold of his patrimony.

9  When thou art come into the land which Jehovah thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do according to the abominations of those nations.

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