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Daniel 10:17 DBY

Dan 10:17 DBY, Da 10:17 DBY, Dn 10:17 DBY, Daniel 10 17 DBY

Daniel 10:17 DBY

15  And as he was speaking with me according to these words, I set my face toward the ground, and I became dumb.

16  And behold, one after the likeness of the sons of men touched my lips; and I opened my mouth and spoke, and said unto him that stood before me, My lord, by reason of the vision my pains are turned upon me, and I retain no strength.

17  And how can the servant of this my lord talk with this my lord? for as for me, straightway there remaineth no strength in me, neither is there breath left in me.

18  Then there touched me again one like the appearance of a man, and he strengthened me;

19  and he said, Fear not, man greatly beloved; peace be unto thee, be strong, yea, be strong. And as he was speaking with me I was strengthened, and I said, Let my lord speak; for thou hast strengthened me.

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