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2 Kings 19:1 DBY

2 Kgs 19:1 DBY, 2 Ki 19:1 DBY, 2K 19:1 DBY, II Kgs 19:1 DBY, 2Kgs 19:1 DBY, II Ki 19:1 DBY, 2Ki 19:1 DBY, II Kings 19:1 DBY, 2Kings 19:1 DBY, 2nd Kgs 19:1 DBY, 2nd Kings 19:1 DBY, Second Kings 19:1 DBY, Second Kgs 19:1 DBY, 2Kin 19:1 DBY, 2 Kings 19 1 DBY

2 Kings 19:1 DBY

1  And it came to pass when king Hezekiah heard [it], that he rent his garments, and covered himself with sackcloth, and went into the house of Jehovah.

2  And he sent Eliakim, who was over the household, and Shebna the scribe, and the elders of the priests, covered with sackcloth, to the prophet Isaiah the son of Amoz.

3  And they said to him, Thus says Hezekiah: This day is a day of trouble and of rebuke and of reviling; for the children are come to the birth, and there is not strength to bring forth.

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