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2 Corinthians 10:12 DBY

2 Cor 10:12 DBY, 2 Co 10:12 DBY, II Co 10:12 DBY, 2Co 10:12 DBY, II Cor 10:12 DBY, 2Cor 10:12 DBY, II Corinthians 10:12 DBY, 2Corinthians 10:12 DBY, 2nd Corinthians 10:12 DBY, Second Corinthians 10:12 DBY, 2 Corinthians 10 12 DBY

2 Corinthians 10:12 DBY

10  because his letters, he says, [are] weighty and strong, but his presence in the body weak, and his speech naught.

11  Let such a one think this, that such as we are in word by letters [when] absent, such also present in deed.

12  For we dare not class ourselves or compare ourselves with some who commend themselves; but these, measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves with themselves, are not intelligent.

13  Now *we* will not boast out of measure, but according to the measure of the rule which the God of measure has apportioned to us, to reach to you also.

14  For we do not, as not reaching to you, overstretch ourselves, (for we have come to you also in the glad tidings of the Christ;)

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