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Zechariah 8:22 CPDV

Zech 8:22 CPDV, Zec 8:22 CPDV, Zc 8:22 CPDV, Zechariah 8 22 CPDV

Zechariah 8:22 CPDV

20  Thus says the Lord of hosts, then the people may arrive and dwell in many cities,

21  and the inhabitants may hurry, one saying to another: 'Let us go and entreat the face of the Lord, and let us seek the Lord of hosts. I will go also.'

22  And many peoples and strong nations will approach, seeking the Lord of hosts in Jerusalem, and to entreat the face of the Lord.

23  Thus says the Lord of hosts: In those days, then, ten men from every language of the Gentiles will grasp and cling to the hem of one man of Judea, saying: 'We will go with you. For we have heard that God is with you.'

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