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Zechariah 11:4 CPDV

Zech 11:4 CPDV, Zec 11:4 CPDV, Zc 11:4 CPDV, Zechariah 11 4 CPDV

Zechariah 11:4 CPDV

2  Howl, you fir tree, for the cedar has fallen, because the magnificent have been devastated. Howl, you oaks of Bashan, because the secure forest passage has been cut down.

3  The voice of the howling of the shepherds: for their magnificence has been devastated. The voice of the roaring of the lions: because the arrogance of the Jordan has been devastated.

4  Thus says the Lord my God: Feed the flock of the slaughter,

5  which those who possessed them cut down, and they did not feel sorrow, and they sold them, saying: 'Blessed be the Lord; we have become wealthy. Even their shepherds did not spare them.'

6  And so, I will no longer spare the inhabitants upon the earth, says the Lord. Behold, I will deliver men, each one into the hand of his neighbor and into the hand of his king. And they will cut down the land, and I will not rescue it from their hand.

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